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Welcome to Pop-Up Storytelling

What is organizational storytelling?

  • Employees communicate something personal that inspires others to feel and to think
  • Theme-based scripts connect to company goals
  • Stories include characters and structure presented in virtual settings and in-person events

Pop-Up Storytelling for Organizations is an employee engagement program

Organizational storytelling allows employees to relate to one another better by developing meaningful connections.

Storytelling supports:

  • Diversity Equity Inclusion training
  • Corporate conference keynotes
  • Employee onboarding events
  • Leadership development meetings
  • Town halls activities
  • Company retreats networking
  • Media training exercises
Cheryl Farrell

About Cheryl

Cheryl Farrell is an award-winning performance storyteller and corporate communications consultant. She is founder of Cheryl Farrell Communications LLC that coaches corporate clients in diverse industries such as healthcare, public utilities, law firms, and more. She believes, “where there’s an organizational problem to be solved, there are stories to be shared.”


Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation! I brought my class to attend your session. I really appreciate all of your insights.

Kristin Marguerite Doidge

Her presentation on storytelling was featured in my company’s networking event and we received a resounding response from the audience.  

Reina Castro, CCP
Founder, New Oasis HR / New Oasis HR

Cheryl delivers strategic communication skills in a way that inspires me. She’s my go-to person for a fresh approach.

Luciana Starks, Ph.D.
Director Executive Communications

I’ve known Cheryl for many years and she consistently brings creativity to her work. It’s fun working with her too!

Paul Pena
University Talent Acquisition Consultant / PRC

Cheryl sees corporate communications through an innovative lens and that drives employee engagement.

Vanessa Sestina
Certified Leadership Coach

Cheryl worked on complex HR compensation initiatives for my division and presented projects in ways for all levels of the organizations to understand.

Phil Koek
  • Guest speaker about the power of storytelling
  • HR Communications consulting
  • Employee engagement design strategy
  • DEI essays and commentary
  • Executive communications
  • Media coaching

Essays and Stories

Cheryl Farrell has been a guest writer for online magazine since 2020. Co-founders Jean Trebek and Alison Martin have a mission “to encourage kinder living, to reveal silver linings, to see the world’s perpetual generosity. Share an experience … to share the good!”

The Plus Me Project Storyteller

Meet Our Halo Award Winner, Cheryl Farrell
Cheryl Farrell was first introduced to PLUS ME Project over two years ago through PBS SoCal. She attended our storytelling trainings and signed up to speak in multiple classrooms at Edison Middle School on Giving Tuesday in 2019. Throughout this process, Cheryl found joy in not only sharing her story with students, but also having the opportunity to self-reflect on her own life journey. Cheryl realized she could resonate with and inspire students on a deep level, if she was willing to be vulnerable and authentic in the story she shared from her childhood. She quickly built strong rapport with the students she interacted with and the volunteers she shared the classroom experience with. It was an experience she described as unlike anything she had ever done before. READ MORE
–Richard Reyes, Executive Director at PLUS ME Project

Cheryl Farrell Plus Me Project Testimonial Wisdom Week
See the Testimonial Video Here

Stories from The Sisterhood of Black Women Over 50

Welcome to “Stories by the Sisterhood of Black Women Over 50,” In keeping with the oral storytelling tradition, host, Cheryl Farrell presents first-person stories by Black women of a “certain age.”

Alice Sanders
Retired Human Resources officer from a Fortune 500 company with a continued passion for diversity and health.
View Video

Pam Davis
Minister, musician, mom, marathoner, and manager who attributes her persistent drive toward achievement to the Los Angeles Baptist church she attended as a child.
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Diane Griggs
Clinical Supervisor in a community mental health program, Diane tells the story of how she climbed literal and figurative mountains and became a mother to many, though never having children of her own.
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